Ceramic Rotary Valves

Ceramic Rotary Valves

Highly wear-resistant lining with ceramic elements reduces the ware to conventional rotary feeders by a multiple. Ceramic places with a Mohs hardness of 8.5-9.0 (Diamond has the highest hardness of Mohs 10) the optimum wear protection. Further advantages are the lateral inspection openings. By the inspection openings the wear condition between rotor side disks and housing can be checked in built-in state of rotary feeder.

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The advantages of the KRESEL-Ceramic Rotary Valve

- lowest possible energy consumption

- insensitive to foreign bodies, grinding aid, changing in Blaine or particle size 

- no influence of the back pressure on the drive engine

- small size of motor control cabinet (MCC) and smallest space require for installation

- shortest comissioning time

Energy Saving almost 40% compared with Screw Pump

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