Flexco Bolt Hinged Fastening

Flexco Bolt Hinged Fastening

The Flexco® Bolt Hinged Fastening System is ideal for belt conveyor applications subject to length adjustments because the joint can be separated easily by removing the hinge pin. A combination of penetration and compression delivers strength and reliability to belts operating over smaller pulleys

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  • Mechanical fastener rating from 190 to 300 PIW (33-52 kN/m)
  • Belts from 1/4” to 5/8” (6 mm to 16 mm) thick
  • Pulley diameters from 6” to 9” (150 mm to 225 mm)
  • Hinged fastener with easy-to-install nuts and bolts
  • Easy joint separation with pin removal
  • Perfect for applications with belts operating over small pulleys
  • Specially formed teeth penetrate belt carcass for added strength without damaging fibers
  • Piloted bolts for quick and easy installation
  • Curved templet aids in accurate placement of bolt holes and uniform tension across the full belt end


  • Portable tooling
  • Choice of hand or power installation
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