Flexco Rivet Solid Plate Fastening

Flexco Rivet Solid Plate Fastening

Rivet Solid Plate StripsFlexco® Rivet Solid Plate Rapid LoaderFlexco® Rivet Solid Plate Rivet BucketRiver Solid InstallFlexco® Rivet Solid Plate Splice The Flexco® Rivet Solid Plate Fastening System is recommended for high-tension applications, with a staggered, multiple-point attachment for a long-lasting hold. Ideal for use with straight-warped belts because rivets separate the fibers instead of displacing the carcass.

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  • Mechanical fastener rating from 400 to 800 PIW (70 to 140 kN/m)
  • Belts from 3/16” to 15/16” (5 mm to 24 mm) thick
  • Pulley diameters from 14” to 36” (350 mm to 900 mm)
  • Low-profile, Scalloped Edge® design is conveyor component compatible
  • Wide, heavy-gauge plates promote long wear life, with a sift-free splice
  • Rivet-attached for maximum resistance to pull out
  • Compatible with troughed belts


  • Portable tooling
  • Choice of hand or power installation
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